Welcome to INDIA

Agra ( City of Mughals)

Mehtab BAGH(opposite to TAJ MAHAL)

What a wonderful place!!!!!! I have never saw this type of beauty in my life .As we know Agra is famous for it’s seventh wonder of the world and it’s true that TAj Mahal is very attractive and beautiful to attract everyone .But i’m preferring you to visit MEHTAB BAGH which is present opposite to the Taj Mahal. It not even attracting foreigners as well the locals too. It is a place you have to visit atleast once in your life if you are in INDIA.Litterally , telling you it is place to forgot everything and just enjoy the moment. I’m sharing my experience It was little cold and windy weather when i visit MEHTAB BAGH . In front of me i saw a masterpiece ehich is Taj Mahal beside which YAMUNA RIVER is flowing and beside that river some women’s with their cattles and kid’s playing here and there. It was so peaceful that i forgot wherr I’m now , am just enjoying the moment.I request go there around 4’O clock in afternoon and be there till 6:00pm , litterally that time is very crucial when you can hear all thr sounds , creeping creating by the birds .That was so rythmic and beautiful and the birds are like pearls on the trees . That moment was luke you are in heaven , please take a look which I’m uploading just for all of you.

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