Refresh in Delhi NCR’s Summer

Hot.. Hot..Hot…

Today is 13 th may , what about the weather …. So damn hot.

😠🤯 summer are going to blow everybody minds away. World hottest day is 21st june but it seems like its today.

I don’t want to go outside and get effected by bloody hot waves which are striking everyone like a ball hitting the pins in pin bowling. Everyone is striking out with the warm waves and harmful rays from our god SURYA DEVTA ( hindus believe that sun is a god name-suryaa devta) .

In the last couples of weeks i saw so many people who are scarced from the sun and don’t want to effected by harmful rays . So they are covering their faces with scarfs, goggles, sunscreen lotion, hats and lot more .

Everyone want to stay hydrated.

To stay hydrated indians like to have refreshing drinks which are very tasty and colourful + brightfull too. Just by seeing them , they bring water in our mouth .

Roadside venders are like our gods these day they help us to stay hydrated by providing sugarcane juice (super delicious), sikanji, bhel juice, lassi( made by dahi), etc . On every road you will find 3-4 vendor’s who can provide all of these items in delhi /delhi ncr.

On homes we can make ruafzaa, thandai, mango shakes, cold coffee etc , there are so many names that i can’t even remember . All of them are super delicious and refreshing .

If you want to stay healthy and fit in these summer . So , enjoy your cold and refreshing drinks from homes or may be from road side vendor’s .

Treat them like your god.


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