HANDS of friendship

Friends !!!!!! What we thought when we pronounce friends? When i do that , I just remember the laughs, craziness ,sillyness, enjoyments, acts, fun etc together.

When i thought about my friends , i got a big smile on my face like i am the luckiest person on the planet.My smile just reflect everything on my face that how they bring happiness in my life.

It is also true that it is very difficult to find a good person/human being in 20th century. I have also saw ups and down in friendship. For some School friends are everything but for me they are my worst nightmare . I also hope i never meet them again.

School friends?? It’s better to call them enemy………. BECAUSE in my school time am a very shy person and am not even social , but am like a little entertainer to those whom i talked that’s why everyone want to do friendship with me and want to stays in my good books .

We know lie can never be hide, they start showing their real colour , they are just using me for their own purpose.

My best friends !! Whom i supposed to call my everything , they too are cheater . One girl use me for money and another too but with a explosive thing also , she cheat me with my boyfriend.

But after 12th , i joined college . I was not prepared to go and face the world but there i meet my two new best friend .


My new best friends , they are just awsome , don’t know how i start loving them so much , they thought me how to love yourself and start thinking positive .

No matter what they are always with me , i never imagined that one day , my life changed and am going to start trusting again. Now i can understand the difference between good and a bad friend.

Now i have a bunch of friends who are hand picked and they love me, the way i am with all the flaws and talent.

From last three year we all are together , we fight , laugh , cry , have fun etc. I can’t even explain that how much i have got from them .

In a simple word , I am a entertainer in school time but i never laughed


And i laugh alot alot without any boundaries, limitations i just learned , laughing is the best medicine and the doctor who gave these medicines are best of all.

It doesn’t matter how old is your friendship , the thing matter is how you understand each other and spread happiness.

Eg . M in the same school from last 14 years but I don’t want any of the person to meet me from my school ,but my recent friends whom i meet 3 years ago are like they are my part of the body.

I request never hesitate to talk and express yourself to a stranger or someone. Just be confident and try to understand who are good or bad .

Just learn new things and always try something new to get everyday a surprise.


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